Lindsey Bannard

My love for horses started at a very young age. Growing up on the south side of Edmonton meant many trips past Whitemud Equine center and each time I can remember yelling at my mother to "stop the car"! Shortly after that she enrolled me in summer riding camp at Whitemud and I was hooked. I spent many years riding in lesson programs which is how I got connected with Amberley. Later I put some time into leasing a random assortment of horses until finally in 2007 a stunning Trakehner gelding named Arnold stole my heart. After handing over my life savings I was finally a horse owner! 

Fast forward 10 years and one Nursing Degree, myself and Arnold are finally hitting our stride. We both developed a passion for Eventing. Emphasis on the Cross Country. Although I will admit we are also starting to enjoy dressage...but don't tell Amberley. I am really looking forward to making it out to some events this year after a season off due to adult commitments (nursing is a love hate profession)...and I guess maybe some dressage shows too. Most of all I am hopeful this season will bring lots of fun and memories with the amazing ladies I call teammates.

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