Amberley works with/has worked with a variety of breeds, such as: 




Amberley currently coaches students from age 5 through 70's, in the following disciplines:

  • Horsemanship - Groundwork, In-Hand Dressage, Liberty Work, and Body Strengthening
  • Dressage from Walk-Trot through FEI, competitively as well as for development and fun
  • Basic Western Dressage
  • Pleasure and Trail Riding
  • Restarting "problem" horses, including physical and mental/emotional abuse cases
  • Jumping for fun and cross training purposes
  • Gaited Horses
  • Gaited Horses, including:
    • Rocky Mountain Horse
    • Tennessee Walker
    • Icelandic
    • Missouri Fox Trotter
  • Morgan
  • Draft
  • Pony Breeds
  • National Show Horse
  • Norwegian Fjord
  • Dutch Harness Horse
  • Bashkir Curly

Amberley has coached/trained horses and riders in the following areas:

  • Dressage
  • Jumping
  • 3 Day Eventing
  • Horsemanship
  • Gaited Breeds
  • Pleasure Riding, English and Western
  • Bareback
  • Basic Western Dressage
  • Starting/Restarting
  • Warmbloods, including:
    • Hannoverian
    • Trakehner
    • KWPN
    • Westphalian
  • Quarter Horse
  • Paint
  • Arabian
  • Appaloosa
  • ‚ÄčAndalusian
  • Lippizaner
  • Thoroughbred

Amberley specializes in and is known amongst saddle fit and body workers for building the horse's body correctly so that it properly uses its core, hind end, topline, and thoracic sling, and works evenly through both sides of its body. All horses are naturally crooked and one-sided, just like humans are right or left handed. Correct training helps horses become more supple and maintain soundness long term, as well as enhances their natural movement and maximizes their potential in any discipline. 

Amberley has extensive experience in building the horse's mind, and dealing with a variety of confidence issues, behavioural problems, anxiety, fear, as well as emotional trauma from abuse.