When I purchased Akil I knew it would be great to have my own horse, but I never expected I would love training and working to make our partnership better as much as I do. Everyday training is such a joy! I'm looking forward to continuing to grow and train alongside Akil, learning as much as I can, and keeping an open mind throughout all my experiences. It's awesome to be apart of such a great, supportive team!

Laura Dettling

Team Biographies

As a child, I fondly remember going down to the college to feed the horses carrots with my parents. We never lived on a farm, but I've always had a love for all animals big and small - especially horses. Circumstances never allowed me to own a horse of my own until August of 2015 when I bought my first horse, Akil. For several years prior I had been riding other friends horses, taking the occasional lesson, and attending a few clinics.