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Amberley created Equilibrado Equestrian to help build awareness of the importance of proper development of the equine body and mind. Her goal is to help spread the principles of dressage and natural horsemanship as a foundation for training horses in any discipline, to build happy, well-balanced, athletic, grounded horses and riders who will excel in whatever area they choose to pursue.


Sparkle & Spurs
August 17th-18th, 2024
The name Equilibrado Equestrian comes from the Spanish word equilibrado, meaning "well-balanced." Coach and trainer Amberley Marsden believes that the key to training horses effectively is balancing the body and the mind. Amberley focuses on developing an athletic, versatile horse using dressage as a basis for all disciplines to develop the equine athlete's body, as well as natural horsemanship principles to train each horse's mind. When working with her students Amberley incorporates the fundamentals of equine psychology into her lessons, as she realizes that understanding the "why" behind the way horses react is key in being able to effectively ride and train them. 
Dressage Festival
July 6th-7th, 2024