Mikayla Buhlmann

My initial interest in horses as a child, has blossomed into an intense passion that runs through my veins. I started off as an unconfident, anxious beginner who had to find a good reason to keep attending my weekly lessons. With a lot of hard work and determination, I was able to establish myself as a strong, balanced rider. At the age of 12, I rode in a local 4-H club on a variety of different lease horses, and eventually found the drive to pursue my dream of owning a horse. Nearing the end of my third year in 4-H, I purchased a cheeky paint-arabian gelding named Farley. Spirited and green-broke was a mild description of his defiant personality; the vet nicknamed him the "fiery little red head" five minutes into meeting him. Farley is truly the smartest horse I have ever worked with. I am able to present him with various exercises, many of which he has never experienced, yet already knows what to do. He always greets me at the gate with multiple nickers and strives to please. I am so excited to take him to his first show in the upcoming years.

Team Biographies

Soon after, I had the pleasure of riding my once in a lifetime horse named Mister. He was an untrusting, spooky gelding who ran away from his fears. His behavioral quirks and antics were resultant of his upbringing at a reserve in Alberta and it was mandatory for me to lease him for 1 year before purchasing. With a lot of time, dedication and reassurance, Mister has established himself as a confident and willing partner. He has a heart of gold and takes on any new situation with a positive, competitive and determined attitude. Mister and I have participated in many activities, some of which include: polocrosse, cattle penning and jumping drill team. We have a strong passion for jumping and cross country and look forward to delving into the world of eventing with Amberley.